Since 1972, the Pierpont column, written by Trevor Sykes, has entertained and informed readers about high and low finance. The column, one of the longest-running in Australia's history, now appears in the Australian Financial Review on the first Friday of each month. He also hands out the Dubious Distinction Awards each Christmas for the least deserving financial feats of the year. Readers are invited to co tribute ideas by emailing Pierpont at Pierpont@pierpont.com.au. Readers are also invited to browse the archives on this website which contain the columns written since 1995 for the AFR.


Trevor’s latest book, Six Months of Panic, has won the Ashurst Prize for Business Literature, Australia’s highest prestige award for business books. The book tracks the Global Financial Crisis from its inception in the USA to its impact on Australia, including such disasters as Babcock & Brown and Storm Financial. Order a copy from Allen & Unwin or your local bookstore.

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Pierpont is not a licensed financial advisor.

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Any investors making investment decisions on the basis of anything they read
on the Pierpont web pages or as a result of any correspondence with Pierpont
have only themselves to blame.

Readers are strongly advised to consult their broker or someone with a financial
advisor’s licence before making investment decisions. Then they’ll have
someone else to blame, because Pierpont’s not taking responsibility for anything.

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