If you run into some outrageous corporate behaviour that might warrant a mention in Pierpont's annual Dubious Distinction Awards, just drop Pierpont a line. Pierpont may take a few days to get back to you because at any given time he may be at a long lunch or taking the waters at Carlsbad for gout. But nobody's complaint goes unnoticed.

Just remember Pierpont does not give individual investment advice, except that if you're unhappy with what's happening in your company, 10 times out of 9 the best thing to do is run for the exit.

Pierpont can be contacted via email at


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Pierpont is not a licensed financial advisor.

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Any investors making investment decisions on the basis of anything they read
on the Pierpont web pages or as a result of any correspondence with Pierpont
have only themselves to blame.

Readers are strongly advised to consult their broker or someone with a financial
advisor’s licence before making investment decisions. Then they’ll have
someone else to blame, because Pierpont’s not taking responsibility for anything.

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