About Pierpont
Pierpont, as his readers well know, is old, rich and sybaritic.

He spends most of his life in the Croesus Club, consuming Bollinger and cuban cigars, while viewing the corporate fads and manoeuvres of the day with crusty humour.

Pierpont can also be sometimes found in the boardroom of his notorious company Blue Sky Mines (No Liability Except at Gunpoint), hatching some foul scheme to rob the long-suffering shareholders yet again.

Pierpont retired from writing a weekly column on December 9, 2005 and now appears only on the first Friday of each month in the Australian Financial Review.

Mrs Pierpont
Mrs Pierpont is very happily married, mainly because she doesn't see much of her husband. Mrs Pierpont is independently wealthy and spends much of her life on luxury cruises or at her bridge club. She gets together with Pierpont at their country mansion at weekends to countersign dividend cheques.

Mrs Pierpont is an old Roedean hockey player and has been known to admonish Pierpont for errant behaviour, usually when he is in the grip of one of his monumental hangovers.

Pierpont has at various times used his long-suffering bride for his nefarious schemes, making her a vendor of such dreadful frauds as the Last Card tungsten prospect. She doesn't object as long as she never has to go within a thousand miles of the block of land in question.

Brides with similar problems are invited to drop a line to Mrs Pierpont.

Leo Liability
Leo Liability is Pierpont's stockbroker. Leo's financial advisory record is impeccable. Never once in his career has he knowingly put a client into a good stock. He normally advises clients to buy whatever dodgy stocks he's trying to unload. And if you ever see Leo buying a stock, it's a good idea to sell. Straight away.


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